Knocked Out Tooth

Knocked Out Tooth Dental Emergency Preston A knocked out tooth (medical term, avulsed tooth) happens when one receives a strong blow to their face or when eating hard foods, such as bones, tough bread and candies.

If a permanent tooth is knocked out, there is a reasonable chance that it will survive if it is restored to its socket.

Every minute is crucial when the tooth is out of the socket; its survival chance is decreased as time goes on.

Do not place a knocked-out baby tooth back in the jaw, for it will affect the growth of the developing permanent tooth underneath the gum.

Knocked out adult tooth

If an adult tooth is knocked out:

  • Do not handle the tooth by its root (sharp part). Instead, hold it by its crown (smooth part).
  • If the tooth is dirty, rinse it gently with milk or saline solution. Do not use water.
  • If possible, try to place it back in its socket. Bite down gently on a gauze or a wet tea bag. This helps to keep the tooth in place. Be careful not to swallow the tooth.
  • If you cannot place the tooth back, soak it in milk or saliva (preferably the patient’s). Do not let it dry out.
  • Seek immediate treatment from your dentist.

Knocked out baby tooth

  • Do not put a knocked out baby tooth back in the gum because it might fuse to the bone. Putting the tooth back might cause problems when it is time for the tooth to fall out naturally. It may affect the growth of the developing permanent tooth. Worse, it might damage the developing permanent tooth.
  • See your dentist. Have the child checked for damage to the teeth or mouth.

Broken or Fractured Tooth

Broken or fractured teeth may or may not be painful. If the tooth has exposed, sharp edges, have the patient bite on a damp cloth to avoid biting their lips or tongue.

When the crack runs to the root and gradually wears away the tooth, it is recommended to see a dentist as soon as possible. This condition can lead to tooth decay and worse complications.

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