Lost Filling, Crown or Inlay/Onlay

Dental restorations like tooth fillings, crown, and inlays/onlays are often used to restore and protect cracked and broken teeth, or those with holes in them, from further damage. These help people achieve the smiles they have lost, sometimes for decades.


Preston Supreme Dental provides quick dental emergency services for you and your loved ones. Whenever you have damaged dental restorations, Preston Supreme Dental is here to serve you.

First Aid for Lost Filling, Crown or Inlay/Onlay

Your dental restorations play an essential role in your daily routine. They help our teeth perform their different functions. We chew, grind, and bite every day. As dental restoration ages, it wears and tears apart.

Another reason for losing a dental restoration is improper care. Dental restorations are synthetic and human-made. Although they were made durable, we do not expect them to last a lifetime. We often abuse our dental restorations by eating hard and sticky food that leads to breakage and tooth decay.

Losing a filling or crown doesn’t happen each time they are abused. But whenever it happens, you should know what to do. Losing a filling or crown is painful as it exposes your bare, unfilled tooth making for it is sensitive to extreme temperatures.

Here are some of the things you can do when you lose dental restorations:

  • Rinse your mouth thoroughly. Remove remaining dental restoration debris from your mouth, if there is any.
  • If lose a crown, store it in a safe place. Keep them away from children’s reach. They might mistake it for candy or toy.
  • If you feel pain in the bare tooth, apply clove oil using a clean cotton swab. This helps numb the pain.
  • Call your dentist immediately.
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What Your Emergency Dentist in Preston can do for Lost Restorations

There are cases in which your Preston dentist can repair your old filling, while there are some that need to be removed and replaced. In this light, your Preston dentist may examine you to assess the new filling to be applied. Your dentist will discuss how it will likely appear and give you various options to match it with your appearance and lifestyle.

See your Preston dentist to ensure safe and quality restoration.

Dental Emergency at Preston Supreme Dental

If you require immediate treatment, call our Preston clinic for an emergency appointment. Don’t disregard even the mildest pain you feel. If untreated, the condition will worsen and may cause further nerve damage, abscesses, and spreading of the infection into the body.

Same Day Dental Emergency Appointment Available!

If you have any dental emergencies that need immediate relief and attention, call us at (03) 9478 7708 to make an appointment or visit us at 243 Murray Road, Preston, VIC 3072

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