White Fillings

White fillings perform the same function as silver fillings while creating a pleasing look in your smile.


They (or tooth-coloured fillings) are durable restorative, preventive, and even cosmetic innovations designed to fix broken, cracked, or chipped teeth and enhance their natural appearance.

Benefits of White Fillings

The newest technology in filling the cracks in your teeth comes with several advantages compared to the old and (sometimes) faulty silver fillings.

Here are some of the benefits of white fillings:

  • Require minimal preparation
  • Safe and non-invasive treatment
  • Results are quick and long-lasting
  • Look like your natural teeth
  • Prevent breakage and damage
  • Fix and support the remaining tooth structure
  • Protect teeth from extreme temperature changes

If you have cracked, broken, or decayed teeth and the abovementioned advantages convinced you, here’s what you will undergo in your dentist’s office:

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Consultation and Discussion

Before getting white fillings, you will first have a consultation with your dentist. Tell your Preston dentist about the results you are aiming for.

Your dentist will examine your mouth to make sure your teeth will benefit from white fillings and afterwards, will discuss the procedure with you.


If necessary, you will receive a local anaesthetic before proceeding with the filling process. This will numb the area around the tooth to be filled.

To prepare you for the filling, your dentist will use a drill to clean the areas that need to be filled and prepare the tooth for the filling, making sure no decay or debris remains.


The tooth filling procedure is quick and simple. It can be completed in one visit.

  • Your Preston dentist will clean and prepare the tooth for treatment.
  • Any decay is removed, and your dentist will make sure that the area is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
  • The tooth is isolated to keep it from any moisture that may interfere with the bonding process.
  • Your dentist will apply dental adhesive to the tooth. This will be followed by the application of the composite resin filling.
  • The filling material is hardened using a special light.
  • Your dentist at Preston Supreme Dental will provide care tips on caring for your teeth as well as ensuring the long lifespan of your fillings.

White Fillings in Preston

White fillings are a fantastic alternative to other expensive cosmetic treatments. The procedure is quick, less invasive, and more affordable.

If your smile needs correction with the help of white fillings, visit us at Preston Supreme Dental.

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