Bone Grafting

Bone-Grafting-Dentist-Preston Progressive bone loss around the jaw has been linked with not replacing a missing tooth.

Putting pressure on teeth by chewing preserves the jawbone, but when there’s a missing tooth, the jawbone is not adequately stimulated and bone is lost.

Unfortunately, this bone loss cannot be reversed. However, it is possible to produce new bone through a bone graft.

At Preston Supreme Dental, we believe that dental implants are important to prevent bone loss and in some cases, it is necessary to perform bone grafting to prevent the progression of bone loss, or to build up bone bulk before implants are placed.

Types of Bone Grafting Procedures

There are several types of bone grafting procedures available for your specific needs.

Your Preston dentist will evaluate your condition and determine which bone graft type is best for you.

Autograft – bone graft is taken from your body, could be from the pelvis, chin, or wrist.

Allograft – bone graft is either synthetic or may be taken from a deceased donor or cadaver from a tissue bank.

Xenograft – bovine, or cow, bone is used for the procedure.

Treatable Cases

Bone grafting is recommended for patients who have the following.

  • Missing teeth that have resulted in jawbone loss and deterioration or jawbone atrophy
  • Mouth trauma from injury leading to jawbone atrophy
  • Oral surgery that caused bone loss
  • Congenital anomalies such as bone structure shortage

Dental restorations can fix these issues.

Dental implants offer a permanent solution by inserting a metal post in the jaw, to serve as tooth root replacements, and that is covered with a crown.

But, such dental restorations require a healthy jawbone. The longer you postpone the treatment, the weaker the bone becomes, lessening your qualification for dental implants.

When the circumstances explained above exist, bone grafting is recommended.

Your Preston dentist removes a portion of bone from another area and transfers it to the target site to increase bone mass. After some time, the bone is ready for a dental implant.

Dental implant is not the only dental procedure that may require bone grafting.

Denture wearers, recent extractions, dental anomalies, and oral cancer are also some of the issues that call for the procedure.

Bone Grafting at Preston Supreme Dental

Bone loss can harm your oral health and make you look older than you are. But in many cases, bone can regenerate and strengthen, with obvious benefits to both oral health and aesthetics.

The continuing advancements of grafting technology not only promote new bone growth but also control growth for optimal results.

Indeed, bone grafting can create new opportunities for better mouth function and a more attractive smile.

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We are located across Woolworths Supermarket and beside Preston Market

Easily accessible via public transportation (bus stop within walking distance)

Preston dentist also serving local communities in Coburg, Northcote, Thornbury, Bundoora and Reservoir.