Preston Dentist Guide: Give Mother’s Day Gifts that Last

Preston Dentist Guide: Give Mother’s Day Gifts that Last

It’s that time of year again – you spend time sorting through Mother’s Day gifts searching for the perfect one.

But most of us have a reasonably predictable “Mother’s Day Gift” routine. We go online and order flowers, a gag gift, or perhaps good wine.

Throw in a funny card, and it’s taken care of. But that doesn’t demonstrate much thought, and these gifts don’t last.

This year, take a break from this clichéd Mother’s Day gift pattern and give your Mom a gift she won’t expect but will surely love, and one that can help her health and appearance – the gift of oral health.

Preston Supreme Dental put together a list of convenient oral health gifts that you can give to your Mom!

Electric toothbrush

Why not upgrade your Mom’s stodgy old toothbrush with a cool new electric one?

Electric toothbrushes are perfect teeth-cleaning devices as they offer increased plaque removal compared to regular manual toothbrushes.

They are also a brilliant gift for Moms with flexibility or close coordination flexibility issues.

Electric toothbrushes have cool features, like timers that ensure you brush for long enough.

Some timers even break time down into 30-second segments to ensure your Mom brushes each section of her mouth for the proper time!

Dental Emergency Kit

Does your mom travel for work or pleasure? Does she deal with children regularly? Does she spend a lot of time at work?

If so, a dental emergency kit might be a perfect gift. And don’t forget Preston Supreme Dental’s phone number so your Mom can consult us if she is near a phone.

Here are some contents for a good emergency kit:

  • Dental Mirror & Flashlight
  • Medical-Grade Exam Gloves – Nitrile, to avoid any latex allergies.
  • Save-a-Tooth System–Save-a-Tooth System can keep a tooth “alive” if it is knocked out.
  • Toothbrush & Tweezers
  • Dental Wax– Wax is useful for irritation from braces or a chipped tooth.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide– For disinfection or cleaning up blood.
  • Floss, Toothpicks
  • Sterile Gauze – Gauze placed over the site of bleeding can help stop bleeding
  • Orajel or Anbesol– For topical pain treatment
  • Pain Medication– Over the counter pain medication can help relieve oral pain.

If you don’t want to make your own dental first aid kit, consider a ready-made solution.

DIY gifts

No matter what your situation is, it doesn’t take much to put some DIY efforts into personalising store-bought goods into a gift Mom is sure to use and enjoy.

After all, remember how much she used to like your macaroni-covered cards, handmade Christmas decorations, and hand-written coupons (“On Hug”)!

Consider putting together a “dental health basket” chock full of the dental supplies and tools your Mom finds useful.

You can also get creative and support your Mom’s dental health by making a DIY mouthwash holder. Mouthwash holders can be made out of jars, drink bottles, or anything that can hold liquid.

A Scheduled Appointment at Preston Supreme Dental

This may be the simplest and most straightforward gift of all. An appointment at Preston Supreme Dental is easy, inexpensive, and the first step to determine exactly what your Mom needs.

Whether it’s just a routine cleaning and examination, or the first step towards a straighter smile or whiter teeth, your Mom will leave our office feeling — and looking — like a new woman!

Even if you have no health insurance, we have a current promotion of only $100 for a check-up and clean!

A Water Irrigator

At Preston Dental Supreme, we often recommend a water flosser or oral irrigator.

This product is a great gift for people who aren’t fond of flossing (which is, pretty much everyone, right?).

If your Mom doesn’t like flossing, the irrigator simplifies the process, and can even make it a bit fun.

A flosser/irrigator uses water pressure to knock away bacteria and food debris between teeth.

It also helps to keep your gums clean and healthy. It is a perfect gift for any Mom with arthritis or any other ailment that reduces fine coordination.

The Gift of a White Smile!

At Preston Supreme Dental, we can restore the sparkle to Mom’s teeth. If age has dulled your Mom’s smile, Preston Supreme Dental: have two options for teeth whitening.

The in-office whitening option takes place under the close observation of your dentist and can give immediate results after just one visit!

All you need to do is to book an appointment and return home with totally brightened teeth.

Home teeth whitening gives your Mom the liberty of treatment in the comfort of her own home and at her pace.

For in-home whitening, you receive a custom-made mould that holds whitening gel to your teeth. The home whitening gel is applied daily, for a prescribed time.

More about teeth whitening at Preston Supreme Dental

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