Preston Dentist Tips: Top 4 Amazing Benefits of Brushing & Flossing

Preston Dentist Tips: Top 4 Amazing Benefits of Brushing & Flossing


Brushing and flossing are important practices in your daily dental routine.

Proper brushing and flossing techniques help keep your teeth plaque-free – and protecting your teeth and gums for a lifetime.

#1 Whiter Teeth and Brighter Smile!

Everyday plaque build-up leads to tartar and stains.

Brushing and flossing can remove plaque before it hardens into tartar!

Brushing correctly and regularly keeps your smile healthy and bright!

#2 Fresh Breath!

No one loves bad breath (halitosis)!

Oral bacteria can produce an odour that is embarrassing and unhealthy.

Brushing and flossing can prevent the bacteria that cause halitosis and tooth decay!

#3 Healthy, Firm Gums!

Brushing mechanically cleans teeth, gums, and where they meet.

Flossing cleans between and below the surfaces of the teeth and gums.

Unhealthy gums can cause gum disease potentially causing severe problems in your mouth and body.

#4 Save Money!

Proper dental care saves money.

Good dental habits can help prevent problems that would require extra visits to the dentist.

With proper at-home care, you reduce the cost of dental treatments!

Brushing and flossing keep your smile beautiful, save money, and can even save your life! Experience fresh breath, healthy gums, and stronger teeth!


Brushing your teeth helps to remove the plaque that attacks your teeth and causes gum disease.

Brush your teeth after eating, or at least in the morning and before sleeping. If you don’t have a chance to brush after lunch, rinse your mouth with water.

Use a soft-bristled toothbrush that can reach your back teeth. Change your toothbrush at least every three months. Prevent cavities by using toothpaste with fluoride.

How to brush properly:

Place the toothbrush at an angle along the gum line.

Brush your teeth in small circles. Move the brush back and forth to clean the tops of all the teeth.

Include the back side of the front teeth.

Make sure to brush your tongue to remove germs and bacteria.


Flossing can help you get between your teeth and under your gums to clean hard-to-reach areas.

When flossing for the first time, expect some bleeding from your gums. This usually doesn’t need treatment. Your gums will become healthy and will bleed less as you floss every day.

If you have a hard time moving your fingers, wrist, or elbow to floss, talk to your Preston dentist.

He/she can give you a tool to help you with proper flossing. Flossing your teeth every day is as important as brushing.

How to floss properly:

  • Use about 18 inches of floss.
  • Wrap most of it around the end of one of your middle fingers.
  • Wrap what is left around the end of your other middle finger. As you continue flossing, you can wind the used floss around this finger.
  • Using the thumb and forefinger of each hand to hold the floss, guide an inch of floss between two teeth.
  • Move the floss back and forth in a sawing motion between the two teeth until the floss reaches the gumline.
  • Turn the floss against one tooth and rub the side of the tooth up and down.
  • Turn the floss around the other tooth and repeat until you have removed the food particles completely.
  • Remove the floss. Follow this technique between the next two teeth with a clean section of floss. Don’t forget to floss behind the back teeth.

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