Observe World No Tobacco Day 2019 with Preston Supreme Dental

Observe World No Tobacco Day 2019 with Preston Supreme Dental

Prepare yourself for World No Tobacco Day, on May 31!

World No Tobacco Day is for people, governmental and non-governmental organisations, and doctors and dentists, to educate the public about the harm related to tobacco use.

All forms of tobacco are dangerous to your health, including your oral health.

These products include cigarettes and cigars, pipes, snuff, and chewing tobacco.

For over a century, medical research has demonstrated that tobacco use increases the chances of many illnesses, including heart attacks, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema, and a range of cancers.

Your Preston dentists at Preston Supreme Dental use this day to educate our patients and community on the negative impacts of tobacco use on oral health.

Tobacco can be one of the most significant risk factors in the development and progression of oral diseases from inconvenient things like stained teeth or bad breath all the way to potentially fatal issues like oral and throat cancers.

By sharing this reality with our friends and community, Preston Supreme Dental hopes to add another voice persuading users of tobacco products to cut back and quit.

8 Adverse Dental Effects of Tobacco Use

  1. Your teeth stain. In healthy teeth, the enamel is pearly but white. Smoking or chewing tobacco can give an unpleasant yellow colour to your teeth. The same staining occurs to dental restorations, including dentures, dental bridges, and dental implants. Even veneers can discolour from smoking.
  2. You have an increased risk of gum disease, and treatments for gum disease will not be as effective. People who use tobacco products are at a substantially higher risk of gum disease. Tobacco use can cause your gums to pull back from teeth, creating pockets that trap bits of food bacteria love to eat. When this bacteria takes hold on your gums, it irritates them, leading to gingivitis (early stages of gum disease). Untreated, these bacteria infect your gums and can destroy your jawbone, eventually causing tooth loss.
  3. The chemicals and tar in tobacco products can slow your immune system, making it more difficult to battle infections. This increases the likelihood of gum disease and other infections.
  4. Your enamel can be eroded by grit and sand inside leaf tobacco. Because tobacco is grown in soil, products containing tobacco leaves usually contain a small amount of sand or similar grit. While your enamel is tough, it can be eroded away by these tiny particles.
  5. You have a higher risk of oral cancer. While lung cancer is a significant concern for smokers, who suffer it at rates substantially higher than non-smokers, any tobacco consumption can cause cancer in your cheeks, lips, and gums.
  6. Slow healing after oral surgery or oral trauma. Tobacco harms your body, decreasing its ability to fight infection and heal. The gums and mouths of tobacco users normally heal at a much slower rate after surgery or trauma-related injury, increasing the risk of infection. Consequently, treatments that require incisions or sutures can be compromised.
  7. You accumulate more plaque and tartar due to reduced saliva flow. All tobacco products interrupt your mouth’s capability to produce saliva. Decreased saliva flow has been scientifically linked to increases in plaque and tartar on your teeth.
  8. In leukoplakia, white patches appear on inner cheeks or on gums. These patches lesions can be very dangerous. Oral leukoplakia is often called “premalignant”, meaning the areas that suffer from it are more likely to develop cancer in the future.

Quitting Tobacco

The nicotine in cigarettes is exceptionally addictive, which is why quitting isn’t easy. In fact, some successful quitters take up to 30 attempts before they succeed.

However, if you are a tobacco-user, quitting is an essential step in improving your dental and overall health.

Because quitting is challenging, many people need support. Don’t hesitate to talk to Preston Supreme Dental about your wish to stop smoking.

We can suggest techniques to quit and groups that can support you. As you work on quitting, it is vital to keep your mouth and teeth clean.

Even more important, if you do smoke, you must visit your Preston Supreme Dental dentist as often as recommended.

We can help you keep your teeth, gums, bones, and oral tissues as healthy and clean as possible.

During checkups, we can inspect for any damage, including the first signs of oral cancer.

This is important as the earlier dental issues, and oral cancer are detected, the earlier they can be treated.

Remember, it’s never too late to quit using tobacco, and we’re here to help!

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